Social Workers

Supporting Our Patients and Families Through Social Work

Welcome to Heart of Georgia Hospice's social workers service, where a Licensed Masters prepared Social Worker is dedicated to facilitating care for you or your loved one. Our social worker brings extensive knowledge and expertise to assist patients and families in accessing essential resources and support services during the end-of-life journey. Whether you're in need of personal caregiving services at home, assistance with facility placement, guidance on understanding advance directives, or any other support needs, our social worker is here to help. They work closely with patients and families to identify individual needs and preferences, offering personalized guidance and support every step of the way.

Our Approach

At Heart of Georgia Hospice, we understand the importance of comprehensive support in ensuring comfort and dignity during the end-of-life journey. Our social worker serves as a valuable resource, connecting patients and families with the resources and services they need to navigate this challenging time with ease and peace of mind. With their expertise and compassionate approach, our social worker is committed to supporting patients and families in achieving the highest quality of life possible during this difficult time.

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How Can We Help?

Whether you have questions about our services, need guidance on navigating hospice care, or seek reassurance about your loved one's journey, we are here to provide the answers and support you need. Contact us today and let us walk alongside you on this journey of compassionate care.