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Our care near the end of life focuses on comfort rather than cure. Timely and appropriate conversations about hospice can mean early support for your loved one. Having yourself or a loved one admitted to a hospice program early can improve the quality of time remaining with family and friends.

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In 1984, Heart of Georgia Hospice, originally known as Hospice of Houston County, embarked on its mission to serve Middle Georgia with love and compassion. With over 39 years of dedicated service, we have proudly supported our patients, their families, and our community. Throughout our journey, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to provide care and comfort to those in need. Notably, we ensure that patients and their families never receive a bill for our services, allowing them to focus on what truly matters during this challenging time. As your hometown neighbors, we are honored to stand by you and look forward to continuing our service to Middle Georgia for many more years to come.

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Patricia KingPatricia King
15:01 14 Mar 24
Due to extenuating circumstances we had to change hospice providers for our mother. This afforded us the unique opportunity to see the differences between hospice providers given the same patient and their specific needs. In our opinion the difference was day and night! Heart of Georgia Hospice met and exceeded all our expectations. Admitting and initial set-up was swift and efficient. Every caregiver from CA to RN provided competent and compassionate care. They were always punctual and took their time always making her feel special, seen and heard. When we needed after hours assistance the nurses responded quickly and attended to her needs while patiently taking time with her and us. We are so thankful for the entire team of special caregivers of Heart of Georgia that took care of our mother in her final days.
Stef SlyszStef Slysz
05:50 10 Oct 22
Although my Father passed away roughly 8½ hrs. after being admitted, the attentiveness shown towards him was above-par. The women working were absolutely amazing in comforting us upon arrival, during our time there, & after my Father passed. Thank you so very much for the love bestown upon my family during such a difficult time.
Melissa VereenMelissa Vereen
21:42 15 Jul 22
Amazing, friendly staff. ❤️
Becki W. RosenthalBecki W. Rosenthal
11:01 25 May 22
Excellent. Compassionate. Professional. Caring. Responsive. Kind. Knowledgeable. Reassuring. Supportive. I could go on an on describing the many attributes of this amazing organization. They arrived like sweet angels when we needed them and were available throughout the months that our mother was declining. The medical equipment they brought helped a great deal with managing care day to day. They were so quick to be at our home after a fall. Lynn, with her voice as sweet & smooth as honey, was so patient and gentle on the phone to provide gentle guidance on medicating to keep mom painfree and peaceful. When Mom passed on a Sunday morning, Melissa came right over & performed the work of a saint. She gently spoke to Mom, calling her by her name throughout the process, as if she were right there. Her kindness was so touching and meaningful to our whole family. We have such a thankful heart and highest admiration to the amazing people who are the heartbeat of Heart of GA Hospice and who literally change the lives of those they touch. Thank you!
Lisa Kitchens SimmsLisa Kitchens Simms
21:04 14 Mar 22
Sue HSue H
21:10 07 Mar 22
We chose at-home hospice care for my mom in February, 2020 on the recommendation of her doctor at Houston Medical. He specifically recommended Heart of Georgia and told us to make sure that we got the right hospice. We did as he said, but never heard from this doctor again. He never checked on my mom. We later found out that he was actually on the board/an executive of this hospice (he certainly never told us that). Granted, this was during early Covid and staff had seriously cut back services (without specifically telling us this), leaving me, my sister and my dad to care for my mom at home. A nurse (RN) visited about 3 days a week for an hour each day, a nurse assistant (LPN? Volunteer?) came for an about hour 2 other days a week. We were completely on our own the rest of the time. My sister and I are both artists and had no medical training whatsoever. We didn't get any from hospice either. It was trial by error. The whole 3 month long experience was incredibly stressful and sad for me and my sister as well as my dad. We were essentially rudderless. The hospice crew were very nice people, but really all they did was bring us supplies and take basic vitals. They did give us a booklet about the dying process and what to expect. And after mom died, they gave my dad another booklet, on grief. The booklets were helpful. Mom did spend a week in the actual hospice at Perry Hospital, which was a very good experience for us all - night and day from home care really. But overall, the at-home hospice service was in no way what we expected. Had we known we would be without much hands-on help or training or counseling, we would have probably sought another plan.
Dawn RozarDawn Rozar
17:30 28 Jul 17
I have never worked with such an amazing group of compassionate and caring individuals as I do now with Heart of Georgia Hospice. Working here is a true ministry and I am very proud to be associated with this organization full of folks who have the heart of a servant.

Our Mission Statement

At Heart of Georgia Hospice, our mission is to provide compassionate end-of-life care that honors the dignity and respect of the terminally ill, their families, and the community. We focus on comfort over cure, ensuring that timely and appropriate conversations about hospice lead to early support. By embracing hospice care early, we aim to enhance the quality of the remaining time with loved ones, fostering meaningful moments and a sense of peace.

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Whether you have questions about our services, need guidance on navigating hospice care, or seek reassurance about your loved one's journey, we are here to provide the answers and support you need. Contact us today and let us walk alongside you on this journey of compassionate care.