Grief Support

The Heart of Georgia Hospice Team realizes that this is one of the most difficult times you and your family will have to live through. Our approach in all matters affecting you at this time is to be as honest and helpful as possible. We believe that the “fear of the unknown” is always greater than the “fear of the known”. We are only a phone call away and will come to share your struggle whenever you need us. Our prayers are with you always; together we will walk this road.

If you are currently on our hospice services, remember your Family Handbook, given to you by the Admissions Nurse has a lot of information in it that we encourage each Caregiver and family members to read. Refer to the “blue pages” for information on the dying process and the “green pages” for more information about our In-Patient unit.

If you cannot locate your copy of the Family Handbook please call us at 478-953-5161 and we will have your Case Manager or Chaplain bring you another copy.

Heart of Georgia Hospice understands that when your loved-one passes on that is not the end of the families’ journey. Just as you never received a bill for Hospice services you will also never receive a bill for counseling services.

Our certified counselor, Lisa Mount will begin working with you to help you cope and understand the new journey you are on. Please call us today at 478-953-5161 to make an appointment with Lisa. We are here to help you!

Do you know someone in the community who suffered a loss? Our counseling services are open to all Georgia citizens, even if they or their loved ones did not use our Hospice services. It is our great privilege to to be a resource at no cost to those who need it.

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